WYOs alumna Gemma New is the 2021 Solti Fellow

Former WYO and WYS violinist Gemma New has been named the Solti Fellow 2021. This is the biggest grant given to US conductors. Gemma has been based in the US since she went there to study conducting at the Peabody Institute, after graduating from Canterbury in music and mathematics. She was back in New Zealand late in 2020 to conduct the NZSO: https://www.nzso.co.nz/new-zealands-orchestra/news-and-media/gemma-new-conducts-the-nzso-again-with-four-streamed-performances-this-month/

The full story of the award is here: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU2103/S00087/new-zealand-born-conductor-gemma-new-recipient-of-2021-solti-fellow.htm

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