Applications for WYS and WYO 2024

We have two orchestras, Wellington Youth Sinfonietta (WYS), and Wellington Youth Orchestra (WYO).

WYS is intended for players who have reached Grade 4-5 or equivalent. You apply to join WYS by filling out the online application form, and sending us a short audio recording (about 3 minutes long, playing a piece of your choice). Full details are given at: WYS Audition Details.

WYO is intended for more advanced players who have reached approximately Grade 8 or equivalent. You apply to join WYS by filling out the online application form. The full details about applying to WYO and the audition requirements are given at: WYO Audition Details.

You will be offered a place in one of our orchestras based on your application details, your playing experience and, where applicable, your audition performance.

If you are not sure which orchestra to apply for, please take a look at the excerpts on the WYO Audition Excerpts page, or ask your music teacher. There is no lower age limit for either orchestra. There is an upper age limit of 26.

WYOS Subscriptions

Wellington Youth Orchestras is a volunteer organisation. We work hard to minimise costs but providing excellent training in orchestral playing for young musicians does inevitably involve significant costs, including professional coaching, rehearsal venue hire, music, storage, and the costs associated with presenting concerts and undertaking tours.

The player subscription is a contribution towards covering those costs. We rely on concert proceeds, donations and grants to cover the difference, and also ask that all tertiary students and the parents of school-age players help with the practical running of the orchestras.

WYO Subscription and Discounts: 2024

Full annual subscription (first full-subscription family player) – $345 (incl. GST)
Full annual subscription (second, third full-subscription family player) – $172.50 (incl. GST) each
Discounted annual subscription for full-time tertiary students – $172.50 (incl. GST)

WYO players have an option to enroll for 1 or 2 of the three annual projects, in which case subscriptions are:

  • One project (full-time tertiary student) – $63.25 (incl. GST)
  • One project (non full-time tertiary student) – $126.50 (incl. GST)

  • Two projects (full-time tertiary student) – $126.50 (incl. GST)
  • Two projects (non full-time tertiary student) – $253 (incl. GST)

WYS Subscription and Discounts:

Annual subscription (first full-subscription player) – $345 (incl. GST)
Annual subscription (second, third full-subscription family player) – $172.50 (incl. GST)


Subscriptions are payable upon confirmation of acceptance in an orchestra, and receipt of an invoice, and no later than 31 March.

Orchestra fees will not be refunded from week 3 of the year, or week 3 of the relevant WYO project.

Any players with outstanding invoices from previous years are not able to take up a place until those subscriptions have been settled.

Financial hardship

We want all musicians who are offered a place following audition to be able to participate in our orchestras. We understand that some families or students might find it hard to cover these costs.

For full subscription non-tertiary students, arrangements can be made for payment of the annual subscription to be made in 2 or 4 instalments over the year. Please contact us at if you wish to take up this option.

In cases of financial hardship, you can apply for a partial or full fees grant. If you wish to apply, please select this option on the application form, or email us at

Additional Notes

  • Family member players who are receiving a tertiary student discount or financial hardship grant do not count towards the family player discount.
  • Please advise us at if a ‘second’ or ‘third’ player discount should be applied, particularly where family names are different.
  • Players who accept a place in both orchestras are not asked to pay an additional subscription for the second orchestra, although a donation is welcome.
  • ‘Invited’ non-professional players are expected to pay the relevant subscription.
  • WYO ‘reserve list’ players are not asked to pay a subscription unless they are offered a place in a full project.