WYS Auditions – Audition Upload

You may upload your recording of your audition for Wellington Youth Sinfonietta here.

We prefer MP3 files. If your recording is in a different format, you can convert it using the free converter at Convertio.co or Online-Audio-Converter.com. There is a file size limit of 256MB.

Please play a three to four minute piece of your choice. This may be an entire piece or an excerpt from a larger piece.

Please start your recording by announcing your name and date of birth so that we may identify you. It can be really hard to identify to whom the recording belongs if it doesn’t contain your name.

It will help us if you could also give your file a name with the following format: “firstname_lastname_dd-mm-yyyy”. “dd-mm-yyyy” is your date of birth. You may need to rename the file on your computer before upload. If you have problems renaming a file on something like an iPad then perhaps this will help: Rename files or folders on iPad. Thank you.

Finally, please make sure that you have completed the Audition Application Form.