Auditions for WYO

Please contact the Auditions Manager at if you have any questions about the auditions process.

Please Note: Even if you played in the orchestra last season, it is important that you complete an application for the new season. Thank you.

Wellington Youth Orchestra Auditions

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Please note that all players and other people attending WYO rehearsals and performances must be fully vaccinated in order to participate.

Application Process for 2022

For WYO you have the option of a live audition or of submitting a video audition. This option is open to all WYO applicants. Details of how to submit your video recording are given below.

Live auditions this year will take place on Saturday 26th February in the afternoon in the Adam Concert Room, Victoria University.

If you played with WYO in 2021 you are not required to audition to play in WYO 2022 unless you are in one of the categories below. You will, however, need to complete the application form.

  • All applicants to WYO who did not play with WYO last year.
  • All woodwind and brass applicants.
  • If you wish to be considered for one of the section principal or concert master positions you improve your chances by opting for a live audition. However, these positions will be allocated to the player most suitable for the role for that particular performance, irrespective of audition type.

Please apply for a place in WYO for 2022 by completing the Wellington Youth Orchestra Audition Application Form. You will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail, an invoice for the Audition Deposit and full details of the audition process.

Auditions, live or by video, are by playing the Audition Excerpts for your instrument. You can view and download the WYO audition excerpts from the Audition Excerpts page.

There is also the possibility of coming along to one of the rehearsals. If you would like to do this then please make sure that you contact us first either through our Contact Us form or by e-mail to

Audition by Video Recording

For auditions by video, please prepare a video recording of you playing the full Audition Excerpts for your InstrumentPlease start your recording by saying your name and date of birth so that we may be sure to identify you from the recording. The recording must be made in one take with no edits or cuts. Video recordings made on a smart phone will be acceptable.

To make your video available to the audition panel, please upload it to YouTube as follows. Please be sure to mark it as Private.

  • Go to YouTube
  • If you do not already have a YouTube account then create an account
  • Sign in to YouTube
  • Select Upload
  • Set the privacy settings for the video to be ‘Public‘ and ‘Unlisted‘. the ‘Unlisted’ will mean that it is not found by any search and only people with the link will be able to view it. If you wish, you can delete the video once the auditions are complete.
  • Upload your audition video
  • E-mail the link to the uploaded video to or provide it via the Youth Orchestra Audition Application Form

You can insert the link into the application form or e-mail it to us later. Please make sure that we have the audition recording by 21st February at the latest please. Thank you.

Please note that the submitted audition recordings will be reviewed together, in a batch, close to the start of the season so please do not expect an immediate response. You will be given plenty of notice of the outcome.

In any case, it is essential that you complete the audition application form so that we have up-to-date details and know that you wish to join the orchestra this year.

Please contact the Auditions Manager at if you have any questions about the auditions process.

Orchestra Subscription and Audition Deposit

The basic subscription to WYS and WYO for 2022 is $517.50 ($450 + GST). If you are a student in full-time tertiary education the subscription is $230 ($200 + GST).  An audition deposit of $230 ($200 + GST) is payable on audition application. The audition deposit is fully refundable in the event that we are unable to offer you a place in either orchestra (no matter which you apply for).

The $287.50 ($250 + GST) balance of the subscription is due after successful audition and is payable by the end of April. We offer a $57.50 ($50 + GST) discount for balance payments made on or before 31st March. This obviously does not apply to full time student.

We will send an invoice to your e-mail address for the audition deposit and, later, an invoice for the subscription balance. Payments against these invoices are due immediately. You can make a payment into the WYOs Kiwibank account: 38-9019-0797014-00. Please give your full name and invoice number as the reference.

In cases of financial hardship, you can also apply for a partial or full fees scholarship. If you wish to apply then please select the option on the application form, contact us or e-mail us at