The Board of Wellington Youth Orchestras Inc provides governance for our two Wellington-based symphonic youth orchestras.

The aims of Wellington Youth Orchestras Inc are:

  • To educate youth in the Provincial District of Wellington in musical appreciation as applied to orchestral music
  • To provide the opportunity for youth to play in a symphony orchestra and to encourage young amateurs in symphonic music
  • To provide performances by members of the orchestra or other artists.

The Board:

Grant Crowley – Chair
Jonathan Ravens – Secretary
Heather McCauley – Treasurer
Ainslee Smithers – WYO Manager
Caroline Heath – WYS Manager
Jo Moyer
Brendan Agnew – NZSO Representative
Vacant – NZSM Representative
Mark Carter – ex officio member, WYO Music Director
Chris van der Zee – ex officio member, WYS Music Director
WYO Player Reresentatives: Jack Moyer, Tomos Christie
WYS Player Representatives: Jessica Xie, Liam Whatman, Sofiya Page

To contact orchestra managers and admin please see here.