The Board of Wellington Youth Orchestras Inc provides governance for our two Wellington-based symphonic youth orchestras.

The aims of Wellington Youth Orchestras Inc are:

  • To educate youth in the Provincial District of Wellington in musical appreciation as applied to orchestral music
  • To provide the opportunity for youth to play in a symphony orchestra and to encourage young amateurs in symphonic music
  • To provide performances by members of the orchestra or other artists.

The current Board for the 2023 season is as follows:

Chair Anne French
Finance Officer Natalia Reid
Secretary Lynley Sinclair
NZSO Representative vacant
NZSM Representative Martin Riseley
Administrator Vacant
Chair, WYO Committee Vacant
Chair, WYS Committee Tom Gott
MD, WYO Mark Carter
MD, WYS Brendan Agnew
Manager, WYO Jo Moyer
Manager, WYS vacant
Player Reps Isabelle Faulkner (WYS/WYO), Lucas Baker, Mana Waiariki, Peter Gjelsten, Jack Moyer, Tom Christie (all WYO)